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1.  Is Laser Tag safe?
YES! There are NO projectiles, no mess and no pain or bruising. Laser Tag is a generic name given to the activity. There are NO lasers actually used. AIM 4 FUN Cobra Phasers use a beam of SAFE invisible light. Infrared light is used in many toys and household appliances.
2. Who can play?
There are no age or fitness barriers, and both boys girls love to play, however we recommend a minimum of 5 years of age, provided the player is able to carry the phaser (1.8 kg) and move about safely.  Adults enjoy the active and engaging play with sophisticated equipment and team building opportunities.  Aim 4 Fun Mobile Laser Tag is an exciting game for everyone, from the young to the young at heart!  Laser Tag is like Paintball, however, there is no pain, no mess and is therefore much more inclusive for both children, and adults.
3. What should players wear?
Players should wear comfortable clothing suitable to the weather, as well as enclosed footwear. Many players wear ‘futuristic or camouflage’ outfits with face paint to really set the theme.
4. How much space do I need?
You can run a party in an area as small as a tennis court, or if you don’t have enough space, you can use your local park. You need to prepare your area and make it safe for players to move about without risk of injury.
5. Where are you based?
Base located at Belrose (2085). Travel time based on Google Maps estimations.
What if its raining?
Kids don't seem to notice if its raining and enjoy it just as much, in fact in our experience they get very disappointed if there event is cancelled. However, should you wish to cancel we are open to discussion.