Why Aim 4 Fun Mobile Laser Tag for your Corporate Training

Because its FUN!

Its well known that participation in a Fun activity makes for better learning and retention of skills being taught.  Laser Tag, because of its nature,  is a FUN activity that requires team and individual achievement.

At Aim 4 Fun Mobile Laser Tag we have several missions that require Communication, Problem Solving, Planning/adaptability Exercises, and Trust.  

  • Communication is a vital part of each mission before and during each mission
  • Delegation whether you are a Commander or a Grunt, you need to know your role in the mission and you need to perform it to the best of your ability
  • Strategy is important and will need to be worked out before the mission starts.  However, you and your team need to be able to Adapt if your strategy isn't working
  • Problem Solving on an individual and team level is a must and you will need to think fast
  • Trust in yourself, your team and your strategy is finally required to succeed in your mission

Your Aim 4 Fun session can be part of a Training Day, Conference or just a Social event.
Aim 4 Fun Mobile Laser tag will come to your conference facility, offices, parking lot, factory or even on the rooftop of your inner-city high rise office tower!  We will set up a playing area

Picture having a training day where you have spent the morning indoors learning all the concepts of Personal Development, Team Building, Group Dynamics then moving outdoors to put in place all you have learnt on a purpose designed Laser Tag area!

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